The Southern Ghost Light Directory

There Are Many Ghost and Spook Lights Across The South

Courtesy of Thornton Austen and the Booger Lights ghost light Project 
This is a directory of ghost lights, spooklights, and earthlight phenomena we have heard of in the American South.


  • Cloverdale – Lights float over grassy fields
  • Coy – Lights reported to appear in the Carstarphen Cemetery
  • Moundsville – A drum has been heard and lights are seen on top of one of the larger pyramid mounds at Moundsville State Park.
  • Prattville – Lights appear in and around Bear Creek Swamp.


  • Crossett – Light on an old removed railroad bed
  • Dover – Multiple lights over Long Pool on Big Piney Creek
  • Gurdon – Light on an active railroad
  • Little Rock – A phantom motorcycle zooms up out of no where and vanishes as it passes motorists on Woodson Lateral Road.
  • Melbourne – Strange lights are seen in the Old Philadelphia Cemetery.
  • Mena - Rich Mountain light
  • Sardis – Strange light along a pipeline


  • Arcadia – The Goat Hill light
  • Ft. Meade – Pisgah In the 1950s and 60s, ghost lights were seen on County Line Rd. and Heard Bridge Rd. near old Mt. Pigsah.
  • Greenbriar – Ghost light road
  • Oviedo – Light seen from a bridge with a tragic history
  • Wakulla County - The Wakulla Volcano was a prominent column of smoke, and bright light deep in the swamps of Wakulla County from the Spanish occupation.  It disappeared in 1886 during the Charleston earthquake.


  • Cogdell – Light on the edge of the Okefenokee Swamp
  • Pearson - Light follows and hovers over cars on the dirt roads by the railroad tracks.
  • Rock Oven – Lights and more at a strange site on the Altamah River
  • Surrency - The Surrency Spooklight
  • St. Simon’s Island – A ghostly candle in the Christ’s Church cemetery


  • Harlan – In Bardo Hollow every spring a mysterious light appears at the end of the hollow.
  • Jeffersonville – The Sand Mountain Light
  • Estill County – Multiple locations


  • Collinston – Railroad light
  • Gonzales – Light on a rural road in the 1950's
  • Thibodaux – Lights and other events occur at the rail crossing in Devil`s Swamp 


  • Beauregard – The Illinois Central Light
  • Mantachie - Strange lights and figures are seen in Mount Pigsah Cemetery.


  • Arbyrd/Senath – Light on an abandoned railway 
  • East Prairie – Light on old railroad bed
  • Farrenburg – Light on an abandoned railway
  • Joplin – The famous Hornet Spooklight
  • Knob Knoster – The ghost of a hermit killed by lightning manifests as a light during thunderstorms
  • Poplar Bluff – Railroad light

North Carolina

  • Badin – Light on the old Whitney Train Tracks
  • Brown Mountain – Numerous lights on a mountainside that became the subject of an X-Files episode
  • Cullowhee – Lights on the banks of Wehahutta Creek
  • Maco – Railroad light
  • Tarboro – Railroad light


  • Ada - Kalihoma Indian Reservation – A phantom car pursues motorists only to disappear as it draws close. 
  • Kullihoma - In the Chickasaw Nation bouncing balls of bright light float around and are reputed to be the legendary little people seen by young Indian children. 
  • Sand Springs – In Postok Cemetery, balls of light move about in and around the cemetery and the surrounding woods.

South Carolina

  • Beaufort – An eerie light floats over Land`s End Road.
  • Catfish – Lights at an Indian burial ground on River Bend Road.
  • Dillon – Bingham’s Light appears near the old cemetery.
  • Ravenel – Light in a churchyard with a tragic past
  • Summerville – Railroad light


  • Anson – Light appears near a local cemetery
  • Marfa – The famous Marfa Lights have been the subject of numerous investigations and an episode of Unsolved Mysteries
  • Mexia On Battery Road a ball of fire travels late at night.
  • Odessa – Lights reportedly appear in Odessa Cemetery
  • Saratoga - The Big Thicket Light haunts a gravel road
  • Sweetwater – Mysterious orange lights reported floating across Sweetwater Lake
  • Wimberly – Strange lights near a campground and swimming hole


  • Chapel Hill – Railroad Light
  • Crossville - Lights follow the Obed River in and just outside of town and have even been known to cross Interstate 40.
  • Henry/Springville – A ghost light haunts an old dirt road.
  • Leiper's Fork - Ghost lights bounce around on fields, through forests, and occasionally across the highway in and near the historic district.


  • Belfast – Light in the valley below Clinch Mountain
  • West Point – The Cohoke Crosseroads Light
  • Yorktown/Williamsburg – The James River Peninsula is known for numerous sporadic lights

West Virginia

  • Moorefield – The Cole Mountain Light
  • White Sulphur Springs - Reports of lights around Kate’s Mountain that hover in the sky and then shoot out of site.

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