The Amazing Crossett Light - The Legend

The Tale of the Crossett Light

The tale behind the Crossett Light is similar to many railroad light legends, involving the decapitation of a rail worker in a tragic accident. However, in this case we have names assigned to the key characters. This with a couple other minor variations makes the story a fraction more believable.

The old Crossett Tracks

Shortly after the town of Crossett was founded, a young couple lived out by the siding at Bovine Station a few miles north of Crossett. David, who was fresh from WWI France, and Rose Marie were a happy couple and he hopped the freight to Crossett as many did in those days to ride back and firth to work. One night David slipped on the way home and the inevitable decapitation occurred on a trestle near Bovine. David was buried sans head in the cemetery near the station. Poor Rose Marie went a little off the deep end. She spent her days and nights searching the tracks for her husband’s head until she had her own rendezvous with an oncoming freight. Some speculated that Rose Marie’s demise was no accident and she was buried beside her husband, a little worse for wear but otherwise intact. As a suicide Rose Marie was doomed to unrest and haunts the tracks between Bovine and Crossett where she continues the search for her husband’s head just as she did in life.

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