The Amazing Crossett Light - Directions

Directions to the Crossett Light

By going to the designated viewing area, prospective observers remove headlights from consideration and stand a better chance of seeing the actual Crossett Light phenomenon. Take Arkansas Highway 52 from Crossett to the airport and turn left on Ashley County Road 17. After a short distance, Ashley 17 will curve sharply to the right where it intersects Ashley 425. (Not to be confused with the US highway of the same number that goes through Hamburg.) Continue north on Ashley 425 past where the pavement turns to gravel. After a mile or so, you will pass the site of the old deer camp on the right. Only a chimney remains. Continue north to the crossroads of Ashley 425 and Ashley 16. At the crossroads, turn around and drive back toward the camp for 100-200 yards. Park and turn off all lights. Local tradition says you should flash your headlights three times to summon the Crossett Light. Experience has shown this to be unnecessary, but why buck tradition? The light most often appears near the old deer camp, but if you approach it will disappear.

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