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Media Mention of the Crossett Light 

 Because of fires that often swept towns in those days, records and local newspaper archives don’t go back much further than the 1960’s. The oldest extant local article about the light is dated 1964. However, sources from that time speak of the light as being a phenomena more than fifty years old at the time. According to secondary sources the Crossett Light was mentioned in Life magazine in the 1940’s and the first known picture was published in a Louisiana newspaper about that time. Both of those sources have proved impossible to trace.
In 1976, the Houston Chronicle ran a UFO-related story about the Crossett Light. In an interview with then MUFON deputy director John Schuessler, he speculated that the light was definitely not of extraterrestrial origin.
Charles Allbright of the Arkansas Gazette (and later Democrat-Gazette) devoted several of his Arkansas Traveler columns to the Crossett Light over the years. And in 1994, Georgia Pacific, who now owns the Crossett mills, ran a feature on the Crossett Light in its Growth magazine.
Today, the Crossett Light is a marvel that stays clear of print media, but is an internet and YouTube spectacle.

YouTube Video

Casey Williams Goes to The Light (Loud girl alert)

Two Girls Go See The Light

The Crossett Ghost Light 2001

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